Calculate your marketing budget

Estimate allowable funds to acquire each sale Before you begin any marketing initiatives, you’ll need to figure out the amount that you can afford to spend to acquire a sale. Many businesses devote a percentage of sales to their marketing budgets. However you arrive at a cost-per-order goal, the exercise to review and estimate costs […]

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Direct response television savings

Chart depicting difference between DRTV and traditional TV costs

Surefire way to reduce TV ad costs Every TV advertiser should seriously consider using direct response television to stretch media dollars. The cost of direct response TV air time is generally half that of traditional rates, which is why I am mystified that more advertisers, if not all, don’t take advantage of direct response television […]

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Affiliate marketing guarantees ROI

Performance-based affiliate marketing gives online advertisers the most-efficient opportunity to gain sales and leads at the fixed cost per sale or lead of their choice. It’s no wonder, then, that approximately 80% of advertisers in a Forrester study allot 10% of their marketing budget to their affiliate programs. Moreover, half of them generate 20% of […]

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Bootstrap your marketing

Bootstrap Marketing

Stretch your marketing dollars with any of a plethora of today’s performance-based media choices. Even the most-strapped entrepreneur can build an audience, engage with prospects and customers, basically for free, using social media, their website and blog capabilities these days. With growth, a business can continue to expand media options and still make media accountable. […]

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