Image of responsive design

Improve mobile user experience to punch up conversions

Google’s search algorithm favors mobile-friendly responsive design

Considering that acquiring and converting web visitors is critical to commercial success, it’s important to make sites easy to navigate on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. What’s more, Google penalizes sites that are unfriendly to mobile devices by lowering their search rankings.

It takes just a few seconds to grab or lose a website visitor’s attention; slow-loading, clunky sites motivate web visitors to seek competitive businesses that don’t require ungainly stretching and skewing to read content.

Luckily, responsive design is a functionality built into web builder platforms to reformat content easily for beginners with simple sites. See how cleanly the main image of the red blouse stands out in the mobile format with other views appearing beneath (image provided by Pixelz), while the desktop and tablet version have plenty of room to display other images to the right of the blouse.

Web developers use responsive or adaptive design methods to recognize the types of devices web visitors use to automatically render sites quickly and beautifully. Web development providers may choose themes, such as those in WordPress, or create functionality for more complex sites.

Google recognized the explosive growth of smartphone usage and began favoring sites that were easy to navigate in May of 2016 just before mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in October 2016. It’s said that to this day, some 60% of sites have not wised up and made changes to improve search results.

Image of responsive design


Notice how content is reformatted in the different devices in blue, gray and white design. See how the phone reorganizes the same content in a neat layout consistent with the intent of the desktop design? It takes two horizontal sections at the top and reshapes them one on top of the other for the smartphone, while retaining a visible footer in the screen.


Check to see if your site is mobile-friendly: