Jumpstart ROI with paid media measurement

Image of marketing metrics CPO, CPA, CPM, CPC

Audience comparison and marketing ROI Keep more of your money when you manage advertising with various measurements to track ROI, tweak choices and renegotiate media prices. The ability to continually reduce the cost to acquire a customer is an ongoing challenge. Metrics must be monitored and analyzed regularly. Changes to improve results can begin immediately […]

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Marketing return on investment

Image of ROI formula, revenues divided by marketing expenditures

Track performance, analyze, adjust, repeat ROI in marketing is the relationship between revenues generated from campaigns versus marketing expenditures. It’s another metric companies need to establish so as to track results. Now that you’ve learned about setting up benchmarks and a marketing allowable per action, sync your ROI target with these other goals. Initially, you […]

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How to stretch a TV media dollar: Traditional plus Direct Response

Traditional and DRTV

Direct response adds accountability to any campaign while taking advantage of lower pricing. Why DRTV Commercials Cost So Much Less A TV direct response rate card is based upon the premise that an advertiser is willing to have their commercial messages, or spots, run in broad time frames. That is one reason why the prices […]

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