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7 Great Free Templates for Business Planning, Marketing Strategy and Productivity

Grab killer tools to make assessment, organization and analytics easier Yes, FREE. I know. I know. We all get excited when we get stuff for free. Well, I’m sharing templates with you that I’ve...

Choosing Earned over Owned Media is a No-Brainer

30 Ways to Leverage Other People’s Platforms (OPPs) To Increase Awareness, Credibility, and Revenues

Free advertising: How authors, entrepreneurs, and brands benefit from the reach of OPPs Pumping out more (“owned”) content, blowing their own horn from their own platforms makes people wonder why they aren’t getting more...

Best Marketing Newsletters and Results of Following Up

In this newsletter, I divulge my favorite experts and their newsletters that give me inspiration in marketing and business whose advice I’m delighted to share with you each month. I’ve curated more tips I’m taking advantage of to show off thought leadership and increase reach for free on other people’s platforms.

35,000 Decisions/Day, a Short List of LinkedIn’s Best Experts, Plus Tips for Thought Leadership and Repurposing Newsletters

In this newsletter, find a featured podcast episode where turnaround expert Alex Devereux shares insights on making better decisions for improved business outcomes, emphasizing that individuals make 35,000 decisions daily. This issue also features expert tips on leveraging LinkedIn for free through thought leadership, a “Best of” series highlighting key LinkedIn influencers, and a free course catalog from HubSpot.