7 Great Free Templates for Business Planning, Marketing Strategy and Productivity

Grab killer tools to make assessment, organization and analytics easier

Yes, FREE. I know. I know.

We all get excited when we get stuff for free. Well, I’m sharing templates with you that I’ve developed for myself because I couldn’t always find what I wanted out there.

1. Sharpen business focus through discovery

Over 200 questions to help delve into issues and formulate answers to guide your business and guide in-house and outsourced partners and team members.

Read about it here.

Get the Discovery Questions template here.

2. Know your competition

Explore and compare statistics and marketing methods used by your competition. Discover which you admire and which you will avoid. Get inspired as you study tricks and strategies.

Read about it here.

Get the Competition Analysis template here.

3. Calculate your marketing budget

Determine your marketing budget by scrutinizing the costs to: manufacture and secure goods and services, accept credit cards, handle and fulfill inventory, set up backend office and staff services and more.

Read about it here.

Get the Marketing Budget Calculator template here.

4. Create your editorial calendar

List all your upcoming commitments for conferences, trade shows, events, new product launches. Record the hashtags for those events with keywords. Determine the types of content you’ll want for each promotion and slot them into a calendar for the upcoming year. Obviously, you’ll be updating it throughout the year, but you can save yourself a lot of grief and the awful possibility of missing an important opportunity with appropriate planning. This will help immensely when managing several different content providers.

Read about it here.

Get the Editorial Calendar template here.

5. Marketing success: track trends in analytics

Modify this spreadsheet to begin to track your results. Show growth in sales, leads, followers, email lists and much more.

Read about it here.

Get the Benchmarking template here.

6. Track images with inventory template

Ever had trouble finding your keys? Imagine trying to find that image you created and used three years ago. Yeah. You don’t want to lose time trying to track any of the hundreds, even thousands, of graphics you. I have your answer. A template to help you keep track and share with others as you go on your merry way. You are welcome.

Read about it here.

Get the Image Inventory template here.

7. Marketing asset management made easy

So now we’re looking for keys AND cell. Right. When you need to answer the question, where have we used this image that we need to change? Again, right. I have the answer~again. And again, you are welcome. Log every piece of content with a link to its live location and much, much more.

Read about it here.

Get the Content Inventory template here.

All that said, I have found some neat templates that I love and I’ll be sharing them with you. So stay tuned and follow.


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