The challenge of multi-channel campaign management is an art, a balancing act, demanding the right content at the right time while delivering messages that meet your ROI goals. While I’m not taking on new consulting gigs, I am always thrilled to matchmake my favorite vendors with prospective clients. In the last year, I’ve referred business to a direct marketing agency, a pay-per-click company, a graphic designer and a fulfillment house. And all parties are delighted.

Looking for marketing help? No matter what formats you need to deliver your messages: Internet, print, video and/or radio, call 336-701-5988.


In the meantime, I’m promoting my book Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing and accepting speaking engagements. I participate in discourse around marketing ROI, my passion topic.

My penchant for cutting edge media options reflects the importance to me to know what’s coming, so I’ll have the answers. I’m always excited about new directions our industry is taking. We live in exciting times and they will continue to offer incredible opportunities for marketers.

I’ve worked on the client side, the agency side and the TV station side, as well in media research. I know traditional advertising (print, radio & TV), infomercial (long form) and sixty-second (short form) direct response TV, affiliate, Internet and social media marketing as well as print, TV and web production. What’s more, I also understand the requisite package of direct response services from payment processing, TV production, telemarketing, fulfillment, club/upsell, Internet and social media.

It seemed perfectly natural to begin to blog and to join industry groups in LinkedIn to offer advice and share knowledge with peers and prospects. Teaching Media Planning at college level and training countless staff provided a platform to give back and invest in great people to make them more valuable to their companies.

You can view my LinkedIn Profile, groups I participate in, blogs, and widespread nature of my network across retail, direct response, Internet and social media industries and media at linkedin.com/in/jancarroza.

The list of household name brands I have served speaks for itself: Better Homes & Garden, Blue Cross, Braun (division of Gillette), Color Tile (division of Tandy Corporation), Columbia House, Eureka Vacuum, HP, Louisiana Tourism and New Mexico Departments of Tourism, M&M Mars, Peninsula Hotels, Platinum Guild, Real Entertainment (Cops TV show), Sears, Time/Life, Rhino Records and Volvo, to name a few.

Speaking Engagements: Canadian Broadcasters Association, Data Protection Association (NAID), Health and Beauty Association Expo, International Institute for Research, Invention Convention, Electronic Retailing Association and Ad Club, among others

Consulting: 1999-present

Center for Direct Marketing/Dawnpilot

Sales, account service and consulting for two companies I founded, serving over 100 clients. Dawnpilot is a sole consultancy while Center for Direct Marketing has partners, independent contractors and outsourced vendors, depending upon the client or project.

Beasley Direct and Online Marketing: 2018-2019

Qualified prospects for this direct marketing agency, identifying needs and providing education through conversion for SEO/SEM, Amazon and social media PPC, direct mail, white paper development, web site design among other online and offline services.

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