Aryo Falakrou, architectural home designer designs for mindset too

Embracing a philosophy of harmony, functionality & beauty

As entrepreneurs, many of us work from home all the time – not just during a pandemic. It’s just that Covid made us all much more aware of our surroundings. With activities curtailed, we had more time to consider that our homes might be lacking.

The pandemic really made us notice our home spaces more than ever before. Even entrepreneurs and telecommuters, used to working at home, felt cooped up.

So I chatted with Aryo Falakrou, author of Beyond Ages, A Smooth Transition to Independent Living, known for building people-friendly home designs for baby boomers as they age up and their parents.

Aryo Falakrou, architectural home designer designs for mindset too. Aryo lives and breathes his philosophy to make your home harmonious, functional and beautiful all at the same time. Click To Tweet


✧ 3 design elements to bring joy into your home

✧ Many of the 10 essential home renovations to make, and

✧ The “sweet spot” in your home And how all of these things not only help your physical self, but your mental state and mindset.

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Image of Aryo Falakrou, architectural designer and Jan Carroza
Aryo Falakrou, architectural designer, makes homes more harmonious and beautiful as well as functional.


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