Here is a series of four published articles designed to help members of the direct response industry understand the power of Internet advertising which appeared in Response Magazine.

Tapping Into the Internet Sales Goldmine” is an introduction to some of the variety of available marketing formats with a focus on performance-based options to appeal to a direct marketing audience keen to deliver fixed cost-per-orders for their products. Click here to download this article.

The second in the series, “Search Engine Advertising Leads to Nearly a Quarter of Internet Sales,” continues the ROI theme with steps to optimize by David Yehaskel and a pay-per-click (PPC) success story from Find this article with this link.

Guest Opinion #3, “Affiliate Programs ~ No-Risk Internet Advertising that Sells,” dives into the no-brainer decision to use affiliate marketing for its pay-per-sale model, something DRTV experts understand as similar to per-inquiry advertising. As a beginner’s guide, the article briefly describes how to set up an affiliate program and addresses affiliate nurturing, because a “set it and forget it” mentality won’t be a successful one. Read more here.

Finally, “Permission Email and Banner Advertising ~ Two Great Ways to Supplement Your DR Campaign,” explores the lost cost benefits, testing and tracking strategies akin to DRTV methods and perhaps most important of all, the importance of a highly perceived value, something every direct marketer has ingrained in their DNA. See the full article here.