Lavender, Lighthouses, Stepping Onto Other People’s Platforms, a Free PR Course, and a Recipe for Popular Fruit and Nut Bread

As summer fades, Q4 planning kicks into high gear

Lavender fields
Lavender fields at Graysmarsh Farm still grace the hills of the Olympic Peninsula as summer draws to a close in photo by author

Late summer lavender still graces u-pick farms in Sequim Valley on the Olympic Peninsula.

Find one of Washington State’s most scenic beach walks to the New Dungeness Lighthouse with views of th Olympic Mountains, San Juan Islands, and Canada.

As fall approaches, it’s a great time for Q4 planning. Start a campaign to get on other people’s platforms. Take advantage of their authority and credibility to increase your exposure and sales for free. A little time will do it.

This month I’ve been reading a lot about ways experts leverage the platforms of others to expand their own universe and sell more.

Search out bloggers, podcasts, radio and TV stations, physical and digital stages, and print magazines and newspapers who want to share your messages.

Increase your pitch success Getting free press is one of those ways. It also gets you instant credibility from bigger entities. Catch my advice to prepare the best first impression before you make your first pitch for an interview. Let me share four steps to have more success closing those engagements.

Desperately seeking traffic? Borrow the audiences of media outlets and podcasters. But first, get your ducks in order to stand out amidst the tsunami of media pitches. Get them all in “4 Vital Steps to Be Ready to Successfully Pitch Your Interviews.”

How to Find Other People’s Platforms (OPPs) for Your Message: 3 Things

1️⃣ Author Angel Tuccy helps entrepreneurs maneuver methods to increase media exposure. One of her best tips is to do a Google search a topic you would be interviewed about. After you put the term in Google, search on News. Click on the results to comment where you’d like to contribute; then click on the journalist, author or podcaster to introduce yourself as an expert on the topic.

2️⃣ Speaking gig coach Pete Vargas helps speakers learn how to find more engagements and make more money, both on stage and in product/service sales. One of his tips is to find leaders in your network and ask them for a referral to an audience, often resulting in an 80% close ratio. One technique he shares to find engagements is to do a Google search by pairing a description, such as the biggest or most popular, with a type of stage, such as a podcast, summit or Facebook group, and a niche (stay-at-home Moms, financial advisors, realtors or entrepreneurs) along with a chosen geography (if you want stages to be close to home).

Download his guide to 1,000s of stages (podcasts, health and wellness, education, retirement and more). Follow the podcast and/or blog here.

3️⃣ It’s no secret that TikTok’s book scene, dubbed #BookTok, has become a commanding force in the world of publishing. As one of the most active communities on TikTok with nearly 65 billion views to date, BookTok has become the place for book lovers to share what they’re reading, whether it’s a debut novel or a backlist book. Follow 14 indie authors for inspiration from their success on TikTok.

Desperately seeking traffic? Borrow the audiences of media outlets and podcasters. But first, get your ducks in order to stand out amidst the tsunami of media pitches. Get them all in "4 Vital Steps to Be Ready to Successfully Pitch Your… Share on X


Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean

Grow your business with press coverage. Learn exactly how with this proven, repeatable, and step-by-step system.

I took this class and really got a lot out of it. I’d recommend it to pros and newbies alike. One note: Brian focuses the energy of this course on his version of a lead magnet, what he calls a Source Magnet. These materials are reports that you develop based on readily research or surveys that you have conducted. As reports, these become valuable, quotable pieces, desirable to journalists as features they want to write about.

Also from Brian, a free press release template. Try knocking out a press release a month to grab the attention of audiences on other people’s platforms.

A Penchant for Travel

Out on the Olympic Peninsula, west of the Graysmarsh U-pick Farm and north of the Olympic National Park, enjoy hiking to the New Dungeness Lighthouse in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. It’s an easy, leisurely 5-mile walk on a sandy beach spit with views of the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands and Canada.

Favorite Recipe

Looking for a breadmaker recipe to duplicate the yummy fruit and nut bread, known as Publix Grocery’s Breakfast Bread? If you live near a Publix, you might be familiar with how popular this bread is and how quickly it sells out each day. Here’s a version for your breadmaker that you might enjoy (especially, if you don’t have Publix stores near you).

Next Time

I’ve sussed out a wonderful list of 52 methods you can use to increase your conversions. Stay tuned for what I learned from John Limbocker.


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