Rockin' ROI

How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing

Rockin’ ROI helps ecommerce entrepreneurs navigate several stages of marketing to capture leads and sales profitably.

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Learn the three successive phasing to successful marketing: planning, followed by content and then promotion. Posing initial critical questions lays out every goal, ensuring the capture of the right leads and a shortened sales cycle. Put strategy in place to hit goals, reducing the frustration and cost of poor results and the need to redo ads, landing pages, materials or sites.

The two-fold premise of Rockin’ ROI is to embrace each medium sequentially, starting with those that are free of charge and progressing from the least expensive to the next, while taming each profitably before proceeding to introduce another channel.

Get tips to spend less on advertising and get better results by monitoring and analyzing performance. Written by a marketer who gravitated to performance-based advertising decades ago, Rockin’ ROI reflects her ingrained compulsion to test, track, analyze and tweak campaigns daily.

Complete with exercises and templates for business strategies and marketing implementation, Rockin’ ROI includes referrals to key experts and resources recommended and/or used by the author for ongoing education.


Update: I’m honored that Beasley Direct and Online Marketing’s President, Laurie Beasley, reviewed Rockin’ ROI. As a seasoned direct marketing pro and long-time friend and colleague, I’m grateful for her consideration and praise. Read her review here.