Get “the Cheat Code” to Win More Frequently in Social Media Marketing

Justin Welsh shares his stellar Twitter success: getting to 315k in 7 months

Justin Welsh Social Media Cheat Code
Justin Welsh shares how he developed a “cheat code” for success on LinkedIn and Twitter

Justin Welsh grew his Twitter followers to 315k in 7 months. However, he doesn’t use Twitter to sell – yet. He said he’d wait until he hits 500k. Instead, he uses Twitter to send folks to his site.

The other social channel he uses is LinkedIn. In 1 year, he added 100-150k followers.

Justin Welsh grew his Twitter followers to 315k in 7 months. However, he doesn't use Twitter to sell – yet. Get his "Cheat Code" to win more frequently in social media marketing. Click To Tweet

He details his successful creation and scheduling pattern in a 50-min interview with Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole of Typeshare.  This was so interesting that I took four pages of notes. Watch and learn.

One big takeaway is how he creates 5-10 pieces of content around his weekly newsletter topic and spreads them out over 4-6 weeks, even 12 weeks. He recycles posts from a year ago on LinkedIn for his new followers and older ones that may have missed them. 

He varies his content, creating a hub and spoke system where the newsletter is the hub. The spokes include 1-2 of each of these: a story, observation, listicle, a contrarian point-of-view, a past vs. present comparison, and a Twitter thread.

His publishing schedule around each newsletter looks like this:

1) What to expect next week (the newsletter) at noon

2) Pre-Newsletter CTA on Friday

3) Newsletter on Saturday (it is the Saturday Solopreneur, after all)

4) Post-Newsletter on Sunday

5) Full blown story on Monday

6) Listicle 2 Tuesdays later

7) Twitter Thread: 4 Tuesdays later

8) Observation: 3 Wednesdays later

9) Tear down analysis: 4 Wednesdays later

10) Contrarian take: 4 Thursdays later

11) Carousel post – the Next Saturday

Note: he does put links in his LinkedIn posts. He says it costs him 20% reduction, but has a 600% better CTR.

Watch the video for screenshots of his templates – for his newsletter, pre-newsletter CTA, post-newsletter CTA and spokes.

BTW: He says that it took 10x of someone seeing the same post to buy his course.

But wait, there’s more. Justin shared more of his templates in Notion in this video. Templates for creation and his system to crank out 4, 6, 12 weeks of content, as well as how he organizes ideas and schedules his messaging. At the time of the recording, he was making passive income from LinkedIn and had never pitched a product on Twitter. 

This is definitely worth a listen. You’ll hear how his background and passion for video games helped him.

Finding a rhythm for content creation and scheduling has been a challenge for me. A calm sets in when you spend the time to find a pattern that works for you. Here’s how I tackled it.


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