Never Struggle for Content Ideas Again

Use this easy planner to create 365 content ideas in just 5 minutes a day!

☛ Stop struggling for content ideas. Log a story a day in just 5 minutes with this planner and tracker combo. Stories percolate as you generate new themes and series in your Content Creation Planner by ☚

Often marketers struggle to come up with content ideas. When I heard Matthew Dick’s idea to take five minutes a day to consider the story of the day, I thought that was a genius way to solve the problem. He just jots down a couple of lines. The habit generates 365 ideas a year, so you will never experience the anguish of a blank page again.

☛☛ 365 Story Ideas a Year Planner ☚ ☚

I created this planner to record ideas each day for a year ~ but then to evaluate stories each week, month and quarter to score and prioritize them for publishing. Look back over each period to consider themes and potential series opportunities. At the end of the year, review what you’ve discovered, dredged up and what the ideas became.

What I noticed after several days of the practice was the number of memories that bubbled up to the surface that I had never remembered before. I hope your experience is the same. Maybe there are some other surprises to this habit for you as well.

What you’ll get:

Image of Content Creation Planner pages

✧ 153 pages
✧ 49 writing prompts
✧ 56 inspirational quotes

o 12 months
o 5 weekly pages to each month
o 4 quarters
o 1 End of Year Review

o 2022 Calendar
o 2 To Do pages
o 1 Notes page

Samples of each section with example entries
o Weekly pages with 7 areas for notes
o Weekly Notes to review the previous week’s success
o Monthly pages for reflection
o Quarterly pages
o End of Year page

Know Before You Go pages
o Overview of the habit
o Examples of my success with it

Each month has five weeks to allow for the five-week months plus a monthly page for review. Each quarter ends with another page to evaluate the previous months and quarters. Finally, there is an End of Year Review page to consider successes and what worked best.

I’ve included yearly calendars for 2021 and 2022 for reference, plus two extra To Do pages and one Notes page at the back.

💥 But wait! There’s more…..

☛☛ The Tracking Spreadsheet ☚ ☚

Next, I took it a step further by creating a companion spreadsheet to track the progress of ideas.

For instance, which ideas would be good to use in a collaboration. As I did, you may want to track activities with collaborators.

There are fields for Notes and considerations for how a story will be told (book, ebook, interview, podcast episode, article). I also found I needed to get permission to share curated pieces, so I log those too.

Content Creation Planner
Content Creation Planner
Never struggle for content ideas today. Use this easy planner to create 365 content ideas in just 5 minutes a day!

You’ll receive these formats of PDF files in a Zipped, compressed file by email after your purchase is complete:
o A4
o A5

o Excel file tracker spreadsheet

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