Improve your marketing ROI with the Content Creators Planner

Trello version takes the physical planner to a new level

This is a crazy time to be promoting anything, but I wanted to make sure I shared this wonderful content planning and measuring tool (Update: the discount is no longer available, but it’s still a terrific time-saver that incorporates accountability).

I hope you are safe and your family is well while we are all #AloneTogether.

So, while we are all hunkered down, this is a great time to look into powerful tools that can help us marketers do a better job of 1) focusing on our goals and 2) tracking results so we can 3) do our jobs more efficiently.

The Content Creators Planner (CCP) for Trello is going to help us all improve ROI. I’m so passionate about ROI that I wrote a book about it.

What is great about this tool is how it takes you thoughtfully through a process from goal-setting to results-tracking, plus it works for solopreneurs or teams.

Powerful benefits:

  • Set and share goals
  • Five demo boards demonstrate how to use pre-built assets
  • Use CCP proprietary checklists and five Master boards for creating content: blog posts, social, podcasts, videos and more
  • Delegate with instructions and deadlines
  • Centralize content elements, adding and moving easily in Trello
  • Track & measure results
  • Complementary Google sheet pre-formatted and ready-to-use
  • 33 instructional videos

Even if you don’t have a team, Trello’s forte, you will appreciate the digital version.

If this interests you, you’ll want to look into it right away while there is a 20% discount (off $59 retail). My keen interest is not to sell you anything; I just have this compulsion to share great tools.

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Content Creators Planner

You can go to my affiliate short link to see the introductory video or scan the QR code. Even if you don’t buy through this link, what is most important is that you see what a big difference this can make for you. But if you can’t wait to the end: Content Creators Planner for Trello

The creators of Content Creators Planner are very smart, talented friends of mine: Kim Doyal and Jodi Hersh. You should meet them. Or connect in Kim’s Content Creators Facebook group. A year ago, they came out with the physical version. I bought it and got the digital version, but when the Trello version hit, I snapped it up, watched the videos on Monday and I am just a few days in and loving it.

Kim believes in giving first – sharing what she knows – as the WP chick, a podcaster and general marketing maven. Check out her free course: Content Traffic Kickstarter and you’ll be a believer.

And if you are interested, learn more about my book, Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing.

So, here’s the video if you’d like to see what I’ve done and where I’m going with this ~ the short link to my Loom demonstration on YouTube. Get a peek at the five Master boards for monthly campaigns, content strategy map monthly and weekly content calendar as well as tracking and measuring.

Update: Sorry this promo is over. Very important: Get 20% off retail of $59 with Promo code CREATEINPLACE. Go through this link to find more about the Trello and physical versions with the Content Masterclass.

And if you like it so well that you’d like your followers to see it, you can sign up as an affiliate yourself here.



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