Covid: Marketing Tips

10 Tips Interview with Feel So Alive’s Robin Forster

The pandemic stopped marketers in their tracks. Almost immediately discussion turned to ways to avoid hard-sell pitching and embrace an understanding of consumers’ new mindset.

After sharing why marketing performance ROI is my passion and what tripped that switch for me, Robin and I discuss the importance for SMB marketers to focus on key targets that could transform their business.

Listen to ten easy-to-embrace tactics that you will find successful and important now as well as when we can return to in-person contact again. You can start to use them right away; most cost nothing but a little time.

Sharing 10 Marketing Tips with Feel So Alive’s Robin Forster

I hope you will knit some or all of these into your plan and I would love to hear which you like, which you are doing now and which you plan on adding.

One of my tips is to sign up for free emails from LinkedIn that curate articles and releases in the press about your network. Your clients, prospects and colleagues will be delighted when you send congratulations and acknowledge their achievements. Moments like these often open up the doors to new opportunities and sales.

Read my post about LinkedIn Connections Mentioned in the News to set this feature up for yourself today.

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