Diagram your customer lifecycle

Discover additional sales opportunities and needs

As you diagram the lifecycle of your customers interactions with your company, processing the nurturing activities to gain a registration or purchase, solicit further purchases, answer questions, resolve issues, respond to reviews and request testimonials, you’ll identify various additional offers and marketing assets you will need to conduct operations. Be prepared to go beyond lead generation and nurturing, order confirmation and future solicitation to handle retention problems, lost clients and renewing the cycle to attract the prospect again, regain trust and eventually attain a brand champion.

These might include how-to videos, sale sheets and catalogs to stuff into products being shipped, coupons and discount promo codes, customer service telemarketing scripts and oh, so much more. You may discover opportunities for product development to increase the available upsell options, for instance.

Image of the lifecycle of a customerr

Example sequence

Let’s walk through a possible customer scenario that might give you some ideas:

  • A business starts by using a free white paper to secure an email address.
  • The Thank You page where the white paper is downloaded offers the 25% discount on a first purchase reminder from the site.
  • The customer makes a purchase and sees other products bought by other customers who bought this same product.
  • The Thank You confirmation page provides an opportunity to share with friends.
  • A follow-up email asks about satisfaction and provides a link to provide a review.
  • If a customer languishes without activity for a given period, customer service may reach out by phone, email or direct mail with another incentive, such as a discount for permission to autoship product.
  • The freebie, discount or incentive that leads to a renewal triggers follow up thanks, sharing, reviewing and enticements.
  • A request for a testimonial or referral may offer a free month of product or service.

Email marketing gets a bad rap; perhaps because it has been available longer than social media. You can, however, see how important it is to capture it for the continual customer interaction.

You might also notice how valuable it is to create a significant volume of incentives and freebies. You might even source them from other partners, increasing the opportunity for cross-promotion to each other’s audience.

Hopefully, you recognize the potential impact of this creative process to increase value, thought leadership and achieve the Stickiness Factor that Malcolm Gladwell describes as the compelling reason visitors pay repeated, sustained attention to a concept, brand or its products.


Beasley Direct provides terrific guidance in the lead nurturing process in “Why It Takes 7-13 Touches to Generate a Qualified B2B Sales Lead Today.”


See bio at dmcenter.com/about or linkedin.com/in/jancarroza.