Use Facebook Page FAQs to Engage & Interact

Qualify and segment visitors by adding CTAs to Messenger

What a terrific opportunity to insert calls-to-action, invitations, assets and gain more interaction with your visitors in minutes. Have you set up yours? If you have, share your page in the comments please.

I recently noticed how powerful the hamburger menu in Messenger on a Facebook page can be. I knew you could set up FAQs, but when I saw a list of 5 CTAs to visit a site, see FAQs, contact support, get a free guide or course, I was… Share on X

Image of Facebook Messenger Frequently Asked Questions Menu

In this example of a Facebook Messenger window, you can see the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom right (the hamburger menu) and the 2 offers that popped up when I clicked on them. When you click on either of these, you go directly to one of Evan’s web pages. How neat is that?

I’ll show you how I put in several calls-to-action, but first, I recommend starting with an automatic greeting to your visitor when they first click Message from your Page.

Image of Facebook Page Dashboard Manager
Set up Instant Reply Greetings for Facebook Page Messenger windows

Go to your Facebook Page, scroll down to Settings. Choose Messaging in the left navigation bar. Scroll to Starting a Messenger Conversation, choose Show a Greeting. Turn that On. Click on Change to edit the Greeting and select the type of personalization (or none) that you would like. Save.

Now, for the fun part. Go to your page and under Manage Page, choose Inbox and then Automated Responses from the left column. Choose Frequently Asked Questions. Choose Question or Menu from the Preview area on the right bottom. Then type your question or offer with the answers, add personalization, an attachment or button. Scroll to add additional questions/offers. When you are done, hit Save in the upper right-hand corner.

Image of Facebook Page Management Dashboard to set up FAQs

Think of all the possibilities. You could have signups for your email list or Facebook group, links to videos, lead magnet downloads or a bio link.

P.S. While you are at Inbox/Automated Responses, choose Instant Reply and create a reply to the first message your page gets from a visitor. Since I have Instagram connected, my Instant Reply is set up for both. 

Note: Just remember that when you change your landing page or asset links, to revisit your FAQs or Instant Reply to update your messaging.

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