Tips to Get Book Reviews

Even the most introverted authors find eager reviewers

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Reach out to eager book reviewers

#WritingCommunity: Face it. Book reviews help us all make decisions about what we want to read. It might seem hard for the introverted #author to reach out and ask for favors.

Surprise! There are folks out there, interested in your niche and eager to review. Here are a few ideas.

1)     Reedsy (@ReedsyHQ) helps you search book blogs by genre for free. For $50, submit your book to Reedsy Discovery to be seen by thousands of readers.

2)     Join and submit your book to the Goodreads Reviewers Group (@Goodreads). Then search reviewers, like this one, for your genre to request a review.

3)     Set up a Google Alert for “book review” <genre>, such as “book review” health to get emails of book reviews, news sites and blogs. Then reach out with your review request. The Nonfiction Authors Association (@nonfictionassoc) offers other good advice for all genres in 50 Ways to Get Book Reviews Report.

4)     Perhaps the lowest hanging fruit are your friends and family, colleagues, social media connections, mentors, clients and vendors who already know you. @EmptyMirror suggests how to write that query.

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