Find Your Content Creation and Posting Rhythm

Sigh with relief when you have a good content posting plan

Drummer finding a rhythm
With a little effort, you can create a content creation and schedule rhythm to beat the band

Solving the Rubik’s Cube to untangle all the channel and format choices to deliver your message can be so frustrating. Find the clarity of focus on your goals, how to get there and what content on what channels to yield the best results with a little self-assessment.

Blog and social media channels

Here are a few tips to give you some inspiration:

🧠 Do a brain dump.

Revisit your goals and give them a tune-up. Consider specifically what results you want. Determine which two channels perform the best and whether those are where you want to continue those efforts. The idea is to focus efforts most likely to deliver.

From that success, you can expand to other channels. If you want some help for this exercise, download the “Discovery Questionnaire” for free. It’s also great for Mission and Vision statements, elevator pitches and naming.

Start Where You Are Quote from Arthur Ashe
Don’t worry about how overwhelmed you might feel. Just start.

📋 List the moving parts.

Detail your parameters, such as different target audiences and strengths and weaknesses of current channels. Take into account content scheduling preferences, evergreen posts as well as time allowed for creation and posting. Review your marketing tool choices for better sources or use of current technologies.

Explore the complexities and demands of ongoing projects for time commitment and promotion demands of those efforts.

🛠 Organize time and tools to manage the workload.

Review how you can spread out tasks across the weeks and months. Give a little sigh of relief when you lock in a good posting plan. You’ll know what’s coming up and are less likely to drop the ball on a key opportunity. If you need a template for an editorial calendar, grab one for free.

Sigh with relief when you have a good content posting plan. You’ll know what’s coming up and are less likely to drop the ball on a key opportunity.  Click to Tweet

For example, Mondays might be for blog posts or interviews, Tuesdays for Medium posts, Wednesdays for LinkedIn, followed by Facebook on Thursdays. Fridays and weekends might be for lighter content, fun photo or quote posts.

Give yourself room between projects. You might plan one per week, for instance, to create an emailing, whitepapers, ebooks, Stories or tackle new tool incorporation.

Block out monthly activities, such as a newsletter, scheduling posts for the month and reviewing statistics.

🖇 Integrate ongoing activities to stay fresh and lay tracks ahead.

Make curation part of every day’s activities online. As you read articles and posts, save the links with a Google extension, such as Reading List, or paste in a spreadsheet with a note about your planned use.

Plan new collaborations, product launches and get conferences, interviews and webinars on the calendar.

🔮 Be ready to change.

Adapt to new projects and opportunities. Remember that getting into a rhythm is a journey and a work in progress. Try new things. Instagram Reels or Tik Tok might become offer value to your enterprise. You might expand to newsletters on Substack, Twitter or LinkedIn to increase your audience.

Wherever your road map leads you, have a content creation and scheduling plan will make adapting a little easier.

🏃 Join a challenge.

A challenge or sprint might be the incentive to get you into the routine you need to make post planning an ingrained habit. Watch for groups that might give you this opportunity.


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