How to stretch a TV media dollar: Traditional plus Direct Response

Direct response adds accountability to any campaign while taking advantage of lower pricing.Traditional and DRTV

Why DRTV Commercials Cost So Much Less

A TV direct response rate card is based upon the premise that an advertiser is willing to have their commercial messages, or spots, run in broad time frames. That is one reason why the prices are so drastically reduced. The other caveat is that these advertisers be resilient to pre-emptibility, meaning some or many spots may be rescheduled when other advertisers pay more. Campaign planners often estimate 10-20% preemption and overbook, prepared to spend the additional should in the unlikely event that every spot might air.

Direct response television (DRTV) dayparts don’t include popular network prime time shows, however. The other caveat is that these advertisers be resilient to a great preemptibility, meaning some or many spots may be rescheduled due to other advertisers willing to pay more.

A  DRTV campaign can achieve media goals without buying prime time properties. Using three different dayparts can meet objectives to reach 60% or more of a target audience better than 3 times each on average, a common minimal expectation.

For television advertisers who feel compelled to choose specific time slots, DRTV provides a wonderful extension to get more eyeballs for the money than traditional spot time.

One major name brand advertiser chose to use DRTV rates at the best time of year: first quarter. Between Dec. 26 and March 31, brands enjoy the greatest number of viewers (homes using TV, or HUT levels) with the lowest rates of the year.

Accountability enters the picture by using a toll-free number to track the numbers of calls that respond. Another option is to drive traffic to a web site address. Or do both!

Traditional advertisers can simply enjoy the low rates. Or they can create a message with a call to action, requesting audience members to call or log in to order a product or service.

All in all, using DRTV for lower rates alone will stretch ad dollars. What’s more beneficial is to tie an accountability function to traditional and DRTV media to get the most ROI bang for the buck.


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