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You know what they say about the Lottery: “You can’t win if you don’t play.” That’s how I feel about networking. A friend from Texas uses the expression “watering the flowers” when catching up with former colleagues. It’s “watering” that has led to every job I’ve ever had, most of my clients and some incredible opportunities.

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If you haven’t taken advantage of your network in LinkedIn yet, there’s a nifty free service that will periodically send you clips of press and articles about your contacts. Called Connections Mentioned in the News, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of opportunities to reconnect and start or resume a conversation.

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LinkedIn should be a big part of your strategy to reach your Dream 100 prospects, partners and maintain connections with your clients, colleagues, vendors and other champions. Targeting key contacts can transform your business dramatically and reaching out to folks through LinkedIn should be a big part of your multi-step, long-range, lead-nurturing planning.

Here’s the top of a clip with snippets of press for six of my contacts. I’ve included the entire email with all six as a download, if you are interested to see the whole thing.

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Isn’t this neat? What a great way to hand a salesperson an excuse to touch base with a prospect or client. I love getting these emails; it’s a chance to see passion projects of friends and colleagues as well as their promotions and progress in their careers.

Interested? Here are the steps to change your settings so you can get these messages to. In your LinkedIn account, click on:

Me/Settings & Privacy/Communications/Email/News/Connections Mentioned in the News

Select from the drop down menu the frequency of these emails.

Use the Kudus, Endorsement or Recommendation features of LinkedIn with prospects and colleagues. Make sure to add meaningful comments to their posts and posts about them and tag them with a mention. Ask questions and engage them. Thank them and share their posts and promotions with your followers.

Eventually, you’ll be noticed for your participation. When you first reach out, give first. Offer to refer business to them. Write an article on a topic of their interest and ask for their feedback. Offer an idea to collaborate or ask to interview them.

Check out the entire LinkedIn email with press on all six connections, click here.


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