Marketing Glossary

Find terms and definitions for online and offline marketing in this glossary. Taken from Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing and updated continually.

acquiring bankmerchant's financial institution for accepting credit card payments
AdSenseGoogle's ad-serving service for website owners to be paid for actions taken by their vistors
affiliatewebsite that agrees to post ads seen by their visitors in exchange for agreed-upon payment, usually a percent of a sale
affiliate networksoftware system that serves as a hub between advertisers and affiliate websites to calculate visitor actions and sales, pay affiliates and host ads
affiliate programadvertiser's hosted affiliate offering, complete with description, payout, product lists, images and unique linking system, reporting, customer service and payment method
air dateschosen dates for live or recorded transmissions through radio, TV and digital facilities
allowablebudget per product available to spend on advertising after costs
autoresponderpreset email response programmed to be sent after a specific action by a web visitor
autoshipmethod to schedule purchases that recur periodically, often monthly, also known as contiuity programs
availabilities (avails)inventory of dates and time slots available for advertising, notably of radio and TV facilities
B2Bsales and marketing model to sell business-to-business
B2Csales and marketing model to sell business-to-consumer; see also D2C
backlinkslinks that send traffic to a website
benchmarkpoint of reference, used to measure improvements in analytics
blogweb page dedicated to multiple posts, usually less than 1500 words each
Brand Ambassadorpaid endorser, such as an influencer
brandingmarketing efforts to increase awareness and create a household name for a company or person
bumpwhen a commercial or ad is preempted
CAN SPAMU.S. law, Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003, businesses must comply with to identify company sending email and allow opt-out unsubscription
cart abandonmentact of web visitor leaving a site without completing an order
categoryblogging feature to group posts together by topics
channelindividual station, cable facility or media channel
chargebacksaction taken by consumer to reverse a credit card charge
circulationdistribution of a publication by geography, such as county, metro, national or global
continuity programsale of products or services on a recurring basis
conversionaction completed by prospect
CPAcost-per-acquisition: cost to secure an action, lead or sale, such as capture a visitor's contact information
CPCcost-per-click: cost to secure a web visitor's click through to a landing page
CPMcost-per-thousand: cost to reach 1,000 audience members
CPOcost-per-order: cost to secure a transaction
CPPcost-per-point: cost to reach 1% of a target group
CPScost-per-sale: same as cost-per-order
CRMcustomer relationship & contact management software
CTAcall-to-action: a marketing request designed to elicit a response
CTRclick-through rate: % of internet viewers who click on a link
CXOused to describe any of several C-level positions as a group (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.)
D2Canother expression for B2C, a sales and marketing model to sell direct-to-consumer
data visualizationcharting spreadsheet data to graphically decipher meaning, make decisions regarding future actions and changes
daypartselected blocks of time during which commercials air for one rate within each range
deeplinklink to a specific page of a website rather than a home page
demographicage and sex of a target audience
dimensional direct mail piecemailings designed to capture attention with objects in addition to flat pieces
direct responseadvertising integrated with mechanisms to elicit response, such as links or phone numbers
discount ratebase rate charged to a merchant for payment processing services on debit and credit card transactions
discoveryin marketing, the process to determine a company's needs, challenges, and desired results
display adnon-classified ads in digital or print publications
double opt-infunctionality, such as email confirmation, to secure two confirmations of the same permission, such as a subscription
downsellsecond product or service at a lower price than an initial offer that was declined
DRTVdirect response television uses broad time ranges at reduced rates and intended for consumer actions to go to site or call phone number
dubscopies of master or submaster, generally shipped digitally
DUNS numberDun and Bradstreet's Data Universal Numbering System to identify a business with a 9-digit code
EPCEarnings Per Click an affiliate marketing term demonstrating the average earnings per click affiliates of a certain advertiser are receiving
Evergreenin marketing, a description for content that has lasting value which may be referred to often in the future
flightschedule of air dates between start and finish of a campaign
frequency (R&F; print volume)average number of times an audience sees a campaign or message
GDPREU's General Data Protection Regulation law imposes obligations on entities collecting data from EU residents
Google AdsGoogle's service to sell advertising on a pay-per-click model
Google Analyticsfree measurement of site actions
Google Search Consoletools and reports measure site search traffic, performance and identify issues to fix
hashtagword or words preceded by number sign used to search on topics and events
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, data security and privacy protection to safeguard individual medical information
inbound marketingprogram of content that acquires traffic, leads and sales
inbound telemarketingactivities of live operators and marketing automation to collect information from callers
influencercelebrity, blogger, podcaster or other individual with a loyal following
insertion ordercontract for ad placement stipulating dates, position, sizes, formats, etc.
inventoryin media, available ad slots
issuing bankin payment processing, the financial institution of the consumer credit instrument
IVRInteractive voice response systems help marketers automatically collect information from callers through pre-programmed scripts and technology
keywordword or phrase used to find results on websites
KPIkey performance indicator, a metric to track campaign performance, such as sales, clicks, leads, etc.
landing pageweb pages designed to provide specific information promised by a previous message
long-formin infomercials, the twenty-eight minute, thirty-second length
makegoodin media, a replacement for an ad not run, or not run correctly in date, placement due to preemption or error
manage preferencesa method for subscribers to opt-out and choose what emailings they subscribe to, usually present at the footer of email blasts
media plana comprehensive detail of objectives, target audience, strategies and tactics across geographies to designed to meet budget and other goals
mediumone chosen channel, such as radio or print
merchantcommonly used to describe an advertiser in an affiliate network
merchant IDknown as an MID, a unique identifying number given by the payment processor representing card brands such as MasterCard and Visa, needed to process credit card transactions
meta descriptionup to 155 characters that describe the content of a page used by search engines in results
meta titlepage title as visible in browser for both search engine robots and web visitors
metatagHTML elements of a web page that are not readily visible and displayed as hidden in the code at the top of the page
milestonean important stage in development
mind mapdata visualization, such as an organizational chart or steps in a process
Native adsads placed within editorial content that closely resemble the format of that content
network tvU.S. group of company owned as well as affiliated local market broadcast stations, such as CBS, NBC and Fox
offer configurationproduct or service with any other items packaged and priced together
optimizationefforts to improve results of a campaign, such as using keywords in search marketing on web pages to improve visibility, traffic and results
opt-in single selection of agreement, for instance, to give permission to send an email newsletter
opt-outselection to remove a name from a list
organic searchin search marketing, entering one or more words into a search engine yielding results at no charge to companies
outbound marketingmessages sent by organizations
outbound telemarketingcalls by operators and recordings automatically sent to prospects
overbookact of buying more media than required to meet goals
payment processorcompany between card brand, such as Visa, and an end-user merchant that provides the ability for the merchant to accept credit cards
payoutfixed amount or percentage that an business allows its web site vendors and affiliates
PCIPayment Card Industry's Data Security Standard is an industry rule requiring credit card merchants to protect consumer data and complete annual questionnaires and/or scans to show compliance
performance-basedmarketing efforts built to generate response at a fixed price per action
permalinksURL address for a web page including a domain followed by words used to find the content
pfishingfraudulent practice of duping email recipients to reveal their personally identifiable information
PIIpersonally identifiable information to be protected in the U.S. and abroad
pixelsmall piece of code or measure of an image on a digital screen
pluginssoftware component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program, such as connecting spam blocker to a WordPress blog
podcastingaudio recordings posted online
post-analysisstudy of statistics to find areas for improvement and track success
PPCpay-per-click: method of search marketing to fix a price per web visitor action to click on a link
preemptionremoval of an ad from a schedule due to another advertiser paying more, breaking news event, program overrun or error
psychographiccombination of demographic, geographic, income and other information to create a lifestyle segment
publisherweb site or print entity
radio station formattype of niche audience served, such as country & western, rock and roll and the like
rate cardsschedule of prices for media set on a sliding scale for volume and including special sections, sponsorship and combinations
rating point1% of any given target audience; used as a measure to buy TV time
reachthe percentage of an audience to receive a message
rebookcommercial that is rescheduled after preemption
remarketingpay-per-click and email methods to touch a prospect after one or more previous touches
remnant advertisingdiscounted media based on last-minute availability and pre-approved creative
repurposingreusing all or part of content in one or more formats and/or platforms
reservefunds held by payment processor, notably for high-risk merchant accounts
retargetingpay-per-click method to touch a prospect after one or more previous touches
robocallautomated telephone call (see IVR)
rolloutad schedule after successful testing which is gradually increased with continued success
ROSRun-of-station allows the widest rotation of commercials, anytime during the broadcast day or week
rotationplacement of ads to be equally spaced out during a time period or for creatives to each get equal exposure
RSS feedReally Simple Syndication, automatic delivery of blog or site content after subscription
run datedate an ad will air or publish
satellitemedia channels available through satellite distribution, such as Sirius XM, DirecTV or Dish
search marketingefforts to insert keywords into content and pay for visitors who click through search ads
SEMsearch engine marketing includes both organic (free) and pay-per-click efforts
SEOsearch engine optimization
short-formin TV, commercials two-minutes or shorter in length
spota radio or TV commercial
spot tvTV broadcast stations in local markets
streamingweb content delivered live or for immediate playback
submasterin television, a copy of a commercial with a unique phone number and/or URL
suppression listgroup of email addresses that have opted out and unsubscribed
SWOTstrategic planning technique used by businesses to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
syndicationnewspaper column or broadcast show published or aired across many such individual media outlets
tagsword or words used to label and identify blog topics and images, for instance
target audiencesegment of an audience whether geographic, demographic or psychographic for given campaigns and messages
tear sheetphysical page of a magazine or newspaper proving an ad was published; may be emailed as a PDF file
terrestrialdescription of radio or TV stations using over-the-air broadcast signals
touchone message to a prospect
tracking pixelsmall piece of code added to a web page to identify, count and credit actions
underwritingin payments, the processor staff who review applications to accept credit card payments
Unique Selling Propositionknown as USP or unique value proposition, the unique benefit a business offers its prospects
unsubscribethe act to remove from a subscription, such as to an email newsletter or print publication
upfrontin network TV time buying, the period when new fall primetime shows are previewed and sold, around May
upsellupon completion of an order, an additional order, usually the same price or less
URLUniform Record Locator or web address
vanity numbertoll-free number with digits that spell our one or more words