Marketing return on investment


After 45 years of marketing to meet and exceed goals for clients such as American Express, Coors, Kemper Financial Services, Braun, M&M Mars, Volvo, Time-Life, QVC, and Blue Cross, I wrote “Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing” to help struggling SMBs. Oftentimes, managing these multi-channel, multi-faceted ad campaigns yielded returns on investment up to 15:1, meaning every $1 spent yielded $15 in return. I’ve worked on the client side, the agency side and the TV station side, as well in media research. I’ve trained staff, clients and Pepperdine students what I’ve learned in traditional advertising (print, radio & TV), infomercial (long form) and sixty-second (short form) direct response TV, affiliate, Internet and social media marketing as well as related ecommerce services from payment processing, TV production, telemarketing, fulfillment and offer configuration. It’s a great pleasure to give back and invest in great people to make them more valuable to their companies. I’m a walking, talking testimonial to the power of relationship marketing. Personally, every job I’ve ever had was due to my network through referrals from vendors and colleagues. What’s more, most every client came through a recommendation from someone in my network.

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