Making Money With “Coopetors,” Book Marketing, Harvard Insights, Top Startup Writers, Magic in Tools, Trips, and a Potluck Recipe

What experts say about finding new revenues creatively, free stuff (ebook, tool, recipe), and stunning Olympic Mountains

Coast Guard helicopter over Olympic National Park
A Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter flies over Olympic National Park. Photo courtesy Mitch Zenobi Photography.

💵 As marketers, we are all so consumer-focused that we might miss the opportunity to develop income streams through friendly “competitors” to channel warm leads our way. Learn more about partnerships between brands from turnaround expert Marty Fahncke in “Strapped for Cash?

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Curations That I Find Interesting and You Might Too

✍ Authors might get some good ideas from Reedsy Founder Richard Fayet’s free ebook “How to Market a Book” to build a solid plan of tactics that work and drive book sales (@ReedsyHQ on Twitter).

💡 “Sometimes the Best Ideas Come from Outside Your Industry” from Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz) carries on the discussion of coopetition, creating partnerships between companies.

“Over the course of years of studying innovation, we’ve found that there’s great power in bringing together people who work in fields that are different from one another yet that are analogous on a deep structural level. Such as makeup and surgical infections, surprisingly. Or inventory management and robot games. Or malls and mines.”

🐦 Twitter is a startup founder’s gold mine if you follow the right people.  Greg Moran @EvergreenMEP provides lists of great writers for startups with Twitter handles to follow.

🆓 Magical is neat, free Google Chrome extension that lets you create and save messages that you send repeatedly, such as your FAQs, so that you can insert them with just a few keystrokes. After you add the extension to Chrome, write your message and create a short code to use. Put the code where you would write your longer reply and voila! Your message will automagically get populated in the space.

🏞 Take a Breather. Spectacular Views, Wildlife, and Forests Renew Your Spirit.

Planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest? Set aside time to get out to the spectacular Olympic National Park. Out on the Olympic Peninsula, enjoy a remote getaway and home to the nation’s only rainforests and snow-capped mountains. Find stunning videos of falls and hot springs with photos of a barred owl, full moon and more…

🍖 Serve This Easy, Make-Ahead Potluck Dish Hot or Cold

Cashew-coconut Chicken Thigh
Pictured: Cashew-coconut Chicken thigh. Photo by author.

Make cashew nuggets, use chicken thighs or whole chicken breasts with a cashew and coconut crust. Be the talk of your next potluck party. This dish is great cold for a picnic too. Get the recipe here.

Before You Go

Live a Great Story logo
Just a little reminder to live a great life.

Live a Great Story

This sticker grabbed me. A church gave it out to members of the congregation. Imagine that sermon. You might see this slogan on your travels. It might stick with you as a motto to remember.

“We’re all on our own journey. No matter where we came from, what language we speak, the color of our skin or anything that seemingly makes us different, in the end, we’re all just humans living our own story. And it’s up to each of us to be the hero of our story, which inspires other people to do the same.” —

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