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Teaching “How to Add Pay-for-Performance Affiliate Marketing to Your Mix

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Tools to Improve Productivity for Marketers, Plus a Ghost Town and Mine, and a Delicious Holiday Dessert

Latest blog post:What Is the Average Lifespan of a Blog or Social Media Post?

Latest interview: An important interview… “Intellectual Property Rights for Digital Creators Interview with Patent Attorney Marc Hankin.”

Latest Medium post: Repel Remorse: Seal Contracts With Statements of Work

My Etsy store

Named Fair Winds Collection for my passion for travel. “Fair winds” is a wish for visitors to always enjoy the wind at their backs. I’ll share marketing printables and print-on-demand items related to travel, sayings, productivity and fun.

I’ve noticed marketers who are all creators of tons of wonderful digital assets share their templates, planners and calendars on Etsy. Just do a search on marketing and you’ll find nearly 70,000 products in the results. It has been an interesting project to learn this platform and, frankly, fun. I’ve added planners and a calendar already. I look forward to adding some print-on-demand products soon too.

Rockin’ ROI

Here’s the paperback version of my book: Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing.

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Latest book review: Laurie Beasley of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing shares her take on Rockin’ ROI.

What I’m curating:  As I surf and search for answers to my questions, I handpick the best articles that solve a problem that I’m eager to share with friends and followers. I’ve created a Curations page using my Flipboard Magazine of Marketing Tips.

Grab my 7 free marketing and business templates here.

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I am always looking for the best channels, methods and tools and I delight in sharing them, especially free ones. Here’s my collection of freebies site-wide.

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Celebrating 3 years of Marketing Trailblazers Community. Led by digital marketing expert Denise Wakeman, this networking group of equally talented professionals inspire, support and help each other with business ideas, feedback on design, business plans and more, often leading to wonderful collaborations. Check out my testimonial as an Ambassador. As a treat, eighteen members (including me!) of this talented group of experts contributed their best advice to attract new clients in Denise’s “Attract More Clients”. Check it out and grab it for free. BTW: Denise uses spectacular shots from her world travels.

See the ongoing collection of content generated by Trailblazer coaches, authors and consultants, experts in their fields, updated weekly.

Active in Marketing Trailblazers, a private online marketing network group run by Denise Wakeman. Join us here. Two free favorite marketing hangouts include:

Mari Smith’s Social Scoop Facebook group (14,000+ members)

Kim Doyal’s Content Creators Facebook group (10,000+ members)

Featured reader of one of Kim Doyal’s #FtheHustle newsletter issues. I highly recommend this newsletter for it’s smarts, it’s humor and latest tips and trends. You can subscribe for free and if you use this link, I might get some swag. 👕

I’m a photo fanatic and excited about parks and all things space

B-36 at Pima Air & Space Museum
The B-36 at Pima Air and Space Museum. Photo by author.

Traveling to Tucson, home to some great museums? Learn about a few in “Three Tucson Museums: Air & Space, Mining.”

I enjoy spending time with friends

Sharing a collection of favorite recipes that gets updated constantly.

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