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Cover image of Rockin" ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing

Rockin’ ROI

Recently published the paperback version of Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing.

Latest book review: Laurie Beasley of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing shares her take on Rockin’ ROI.

Latest interview: Loved my Zoom call with Robin Forster of Feel So Alive as I explain what networking has done for me and give 10 tips in 10 minutes to focus on relationships that can transform your business.

Active in Marketing Trailblazers, a private online marketing network group run by Denise Wakeman. Join us here. Two free favorite marketing hangouts include:

Mari Smith’s Social Scoop Facebook group (14,000+ members)

Kim Doyal’s Content Creators Facebook group (8,000+ members)

Latest blog post:Close more deals through LinkedIn” details how to get news published about your LinkedIn connections collated and sent to you so you can acknowledge achievements of your clients, prospects, colleagues and friends.

Grab my 7 free marketing and business templates here.

Latest Medium post: In this terrific, thought-provoking interview, vocal coach Judy Rodman queries marketing expert Denise Wakeman about steps musicians and artists should take to create a digital platform for their audience:   “Is Your Music Visible? A Frank Interview about Marketing

What I’m curating:  As I surf and search for answers to my questions, I handpick the best articles that solve a problem that I’m eager to share with friends and followers on Twitter. Here’s one of my latest by Content Studio with tips to make an attention-getting Twitter header.

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Passion for freebies: I am always looking for the best channels, methods and tools and I delight in sharing them, especially free ones. Here’s my latest freebie post on Instagram.

Image of Olympic National Park at moon rise in summer

Photo fanatic: I’m always shooting pix, especially of national parks and nature. Here’s a shot of a moon rise in the Olympic National Park in summer.

I’m excited about all things space: Here’s a shot of a great landing by Space X of its Falcon rocket.

If you’d like to see the International Space Station (if city lights aren’t too bright) go to ISS Sightings for days and times when it will be overhead where you are.

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