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Prepare to increase your reach with other people’s podcasts, your newsletter and your own podcast, generating plenty of content for more freedom to travel and entertain

Effort to Impact Matrix
Increase productivity with this method to analyze projects for time and money vs. the impact and ROI each might yield

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Reduce the frustration of poor results by analyzing the potential for the effort, in time and cost, before you tackle projects. Read “Find Shortcuts to Success” for tips to hit targets more quickly.

When I first learned about Effort to Impact Matrices, they made perfect sense right away. So often, entrepreneurs go down rabbit holes devour precious time. Hindsight strongly suggests that this evaluation exercise is worth it to be better judges and make sure our time is well spent.

Increase your reach with other people’s podcasts, your newsletter and your own podcast, generating plenty of content for more freedom to travel and entertain. Click To Tweet

Curations and Powerful Guides that I Find Interesting and You Might Too

💡 Does your podcast need a media kit? Yes, definitely, because you want people to listen to your show. It’s a means of packaging your podcast’s information, for listeners, sponsors and journalists, in one convenient place. Learn what should be in a media kit for your podcast.

This is a good article, not only for podcast hosts, but also for prospective guests who should put a kit together too.

💡 Ever wondered how some people stay a lot more organized than others? Well, the secret is habits! Get 5 top tips from life hack guru Vicki Peel.

💡 Learn how Ann Handley, author of “Everybody Writes,” (*affiliate link) grew her newsletter by 2000% in just 3 years in “How to Newsletter.”


The Podcast Launch Accelerator is a free, 5-hour “how to start a podcast” course developed by Mark Asquith, and the team at Rebel Base Media. It is made up of clear, jargon-free and bite-sized videos broken into four podcast launch phases: understanding the tech, designing your podcast, building your podcast and launching your podcast.

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Another freebie ~ Elizabeth Cottrell, author of “Heartspoken: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage and Inspire,” hosts a free 5-day holiday note-writing challenge. Sign up before Nov. 14 and get a head start on your holiday letter writing.

Digital marketing guru Denise Wakeman hosts a 3-part lead magnet creation workshop starting Nov. 8 at noon PT. This is a terrific value to create an long-lasting asset that converts!

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Learn why a CRM software program might solve your problems to close more sales more quickly.

Road Less Traveled: Barstow

Rainbow Canyon
Rainbow Canyon’s Fossil Loop near Barstow

Not quite half-way between Los Angeles and Vegas, Barstow, CA, is known for having one of the busiest McDonald’s restaurants in the country. Turns out there are several other great reasons to make Barstow a destination. Learn more about what your and your family can see and do that’s fun around Barstow in “Surprises Abound in What Seems Like a Rural Route 66 Town.

Recipe: Because All Marketers and Remote Workers Need Treats Around the Holidays

Try this easy dessert recipe for Pecan Tassies, great for potlucks and parties. Men like these small pecan pies too.

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Sure enough, I have bought Ann’s “Everybody Writes” three times now (makes a great gift for writer friends). Again, this is my affiliate link.


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