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Public relations concepts are just part of a great direct response or performance marketing program.

Find out how media publicist and trainer Joanne McCall coaches her clients to deliver compelling interviews as we discuss her new book Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview. Joanne packs a TON of great advice in this 30-minute chat.

Find out why PR is such a huge, missed opportunity by authors and business leaders and how to start

Creators: are you protecting your content?

While all content is considered copyrighted upon publication, learn what my guest, Marc Hankin, founder of Hankin Patent Law, says about defending your rights. What you learn will change how you think and what you might feel you need to do next.

📺 Watch my interview with Marc to make the important decisions around your intellectual property. Learn what it takes to defend the digital assets of your business, whether its courses, graphics, audio and video.

💡Find out what 30 to 40-year old mid-level marketing managers are missing.

📭 Direct mail, sending personalized letters, postcards and “dimensional” gifts is rumored to be dead.

🚀The Surprising, Important New Twist on an Old Marketing Channel

📺 Watch my interview with David Rosendahl, Co-Founder and President of MindFire Inc., a state-of-the-art digital marketing services platform, to learn why it’s not only not dead, but thriving as part of a digital (surprised? 😯) mix.

This old dog (direct mail) has some new tricks.

💡 Looking for ideas to impress your prospects?

📋 Marketing campaigns take a lot of touches to get reaction, so adding promotional products to the mix increases impact, while changing up routines of emailings and social media.

📺 Watch my interview with Jeff Gordon, CEO of BrightWise, a promotional merchandise company, as we discuss the brainstorming process that leave a lasting, meaningful impression.