Use “Dimensional” Mail to Make a Memorable Impression

During the holidays and all year long, promotional items grab attention

Image of cell phone holder promotion items
The Bondi cell phone nolders are just one example of brandable promotional items to make your business top-of-mind.

As the holidays approach, companies consider the best ways to say “Seasons Greetings” to prospects and clients. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a memorable impression.

Do you find yourself sitting impatiently for prospects and clients to start a project? Stay top-of-mind with thoughtful items, whether or not they are branded, to let them know you stand ready. Share on X

Make these “dimensional” mailings part of your overall campaign. You have a lot of prospects to consider: new customers, previous customers, strategic partners and other members of your referral network. Don’t just rely on an endless stream of emailings. No one wants that. Change it up by adding handwritten notes and small “lumpy” items in the mail that draw attention.

One of the first people to talk about Dream networking to target key connections, Chet Holmes, used what he called “lumpy” mail to turn around the sales of a flagging magazine. I talk about his strategy and methods, shared by many experts who each have their own preferred methods, in my Dream Networking Program, available Black Friday from AppSumo. There are so many great techniques to reach the people in your network who can create that tipping point that will transform your business and your life. “Lumpy” mail is just one of those techniques.

I’ve put together 9 promotional items to give you some inspiration for thoughtful giving this year. These ideas actually work nicely all year ’round as well. The kind of item will vary depending on budget and your target audience. Light humor isn’t right for every approach. Your hunt may steer to higher quality items. Think about your purpose and your message. Cruise the promotional item web sites for ideas.

Did you know that Starbucks offers branded gift cards? .

You can still opt for regular Starbucks gift cards in bulk on Amazon (aff. link*).

Stand apart from your competition by sending your message in a clear mailing tube (correctly formatting address, of course). I recommend including an intriguing noisy gift, such as dice or keys, that make an attention-getting clatter (aff.).

I’ve sent whistles to busy prospects with a message to “give a whistle” when they are ready to proceed with a project (aff.).

🧭 Or send a compass, saying “Looking for some direction?” (aff.).

🤹‍♂️ For the busy prospect, write “I know you are juggling a lot of balls right now,” but that you’re ready when they are. Find a set to send here (aff.).

A branded FedEx or USPS envelope grabs attention with your image and message. It’s a great way to get your package opened right away. Go to MyBrandPantry.

Use a timer to remind prospects that “time is running out” on your offer (aff.)

⏰ Spend a bit more to . Every time they check the time, they’ll see your brand.

The Bondi cell phone holder can be branded or not.

Don’t forget the Cafe Press, Red Bubble and Printify print-on-demand platforms for creating your own branded gear in apparel, tech and home accessories.

Add these “dimensional” or “lumpy” mail pieces to your overall campaign to get noticed.

💡 Check out these and other .

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