Jazz Up Your Marketing Mix with Promotional Products

Turn heads with your networking ingenuity

Getting crickets? 🦗🦗🦗

Keeping budgets tight is an integral part of my nature. That’s why social media appeals to me; and emailings for their low cost and excellent conversion rates. But I love changing it up with promotional products. You don’t need to bust your budget. Sending something by snail mail can help you stand out when you are getting crickets. 🦗🦗

You don’t need to necessarily spend the extra $$$ to brand items. Just a letter or card will be appreciated. However, useful branded items make a statement for a long time to come. I use items I got as a media buyer years ago: apparel, pens, tote bags, desk pen holders and clocks.

As you plan future promotions, tie items into your themes: for holidays, launches for new products and services, trade shows and conferences. This is where it gets fun. Brainstorming what could make a special impression will add a new dimension to your campaigns.

Image of Jeff Gordon, BrightWise and Jan Carroza
Click image of Jeff Gordon, CEO of BrightWise and Jan Carroza to watch the whole 25-minute interview.
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📺 Watch my interview with Jeff Gordon, CEO of BrightWise, a promotional merchandise company, as we discuss the brainstorming process that leaves a lasting, meaningful impression.

📥 Offline direct mailings make cost-effective interactions.

Listen as Jeff addresses some item options that make a statement as well as workarounds for shipping delays, such as buying USA-made premiums.

📖 Learn:

✧ How promotional products are part of relationship and direct response marketing

✧ Ways to measure ROI for direct mailings

✧ Timing for your events with promotional products

✧ How they are much more than “giveaways”

✧ A neat way to send a proposal in a branded package that might surprise you

💡 Want a pro to help brainstorm your next great idea? Reach out to Jeff Gordon at BrightWise: 888-794-6252.

Promotional concepts are just part of a great direct response or performance marketing program. I write about online and offline channels in my book: “Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing.”

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