Profitable Marketing from Day One

What to expect

This book is a roadmap that starts building a marketing program with free channels and tools and gradually steps into each additional effort that costs more than the last, while demonstrating how to make each one work before proceeding to the next.

This book is not: a step-by-step to implement each channel. There are many great sources for each one. What is important to me is to point people in the direction to get the best help.

I’ve organized chapters into three areas of activities to: 1) build a foundation and infrastructure to capture transactions, 2) create substantial, attention-getting content and 3) promote through free and paid channels and methods. I call these sections Ready, Set and Go.

The first section addresses preparations for a base camp of company and social sites to handle desired actions. This process tackles services to accept payments, ship products and manage customer service.

Additional strategies whether to do retail and International sales need to be considered, and if they make sense, when and how to launch.

Looking beyond readiness, the Set section describes activities to develop assets of interest to prospects. With basic capabilities in place to attract traffic, leads, orders and/or donations, the final Go section talks about promotion. Bootstrapping means initially taking advantage of social and other channels that are free before expanding to paid messaging.

Seven free tools and templates are included to help in business planning, budgeting, content management and results tracking. I also include some exercises to get your feet wet.

Throughout, the reader will find further suggested readings to learn more from the experts I follow and admire. Use the glossary at the end for reference to unfamiliar terms as well as a list of recommended resources. As changes continue beyond this publication, connect with current content at

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