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U.S. Navy Blue Angels
U.S. Navy Blue Angels, based at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Photo by Mike Garr on Pixabay

If you’re a remote worker traveling in an RV, Fort Pickens, where you could see the Blue Angels training, might be an attractive destination for you. Interested in learning more about this beachside retreat? Read “Fort Pickens National Seashore Offers a Stunning Getaway.”

Now to my latest collection of business and marketing ideas, free tools, interesting places and delicious recipes I want to share with you.

Featured Blog Post: Increasing Productivity

When it comes to project management, do a little exercise to reduce the frustration of poor results by sizing up the potential for the effort, in time and cost, before you start. Learn how in “Find Shortcuts to Success.” Throw out tasks that waste time. Embrace ones that offer big benefits, choosing ones that take more effort as well as, certainly, the ones that are easy. The crux is to suss out (read: don’t underestimate), the real amount of time any task will take.

Curations, Research and a New Code that I Find Interesting and You Might Too

💡 Justin Welsh shares his methods to his meteoric growth in followers on Twitter in “Get the ‘Cheat Code’ to Win More Frequently in Social Media Marketing“, by searching something familiar to video game players, finding the “cheat code” to success. These two videos are eye-opening. I actually took four pages of notes during one of them.

💡 Find out how long it takes for half of your audience to see your messages in “What is the Average Lifespan of a Blog or Social Media Post?” It may change where you decide to spend your time. That Facebook post might not seem as important. You might consider jumping into Pinterest or doing more video for YouTube. (Statistics laboriously aggregated by agile expert Scott M. Graffius. Sources included.)

💡 One of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing your products and services is having a weak funnel. If your funnel is not driving sales, your other efforts, including advertising, will be in vain. Digital expert John Limbocker details over 50 methods that improve conversions. Some will seem familiar, but some were new to me. Make sure to watch his video where he describes these practices. It’s enlightening. He coins a few new, apt terms. Download the list and catch the video in “Top 50 Conversion Maximizers for Websites and Marketing Funnels,”

Happening in October Affiliate Marketing Course
Part of a Digital Marketing Certification program by, live on Oct. 26 at 10AM PT. Recording on demand. Image by author.

Why Take this Course?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to increase sales on a cost-per-sale or lead basis.

This course is part of Digital Marketing Certification program offered by

Many companies enjoy a hefty 10-30% of sales and a 12:1 return on ad spend ratio. Of the 96% of brands with affiliate programs, 54% earn an incredible 30% of sales through affiliate partners. Amazingly, 80% of companies have programs.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 100 company to enjoy the benefits of affiliate marketing. Even small to mid-sized companies can be successful at it and enjoy the phenomenal return on ad spend.

This workshop helps you learn affiliate marketing methods that stretch marketing budgets, increase both sales and profits and develop a valuable, recession-proof skill set that easily transfers across industries.

The live event is October 26 at 10AM PT with the recording available on demand.


Twitter expert Dickie Bush, who interviewed Justin Welsh in the link above, offers a free digital writing course that might interest you. Check out Start Writing Online.

On Productivity: Find Your Posting Rhythm

Sigh with relief when you have a good content posting plan. You’ll know what’s coming up and are less likely to drop the ball on a key opportunity. See if these ideas help you in “Find Your Content Creation and Posting Rhythm.”

A Penchant for Museums

Sadly, the National Naval Aviation Museum is currently only open to Department of Defense ID holders and their guests. Check back for changes or find a friend in the service to host your visit. It’s a short drive from Fort Pickens to Pensacola to the Blue Angels air base and the museum.

Eglin Air Force Base’s Air Force Armament Museum Foundation, located in Fort Walton Beach, where you’ll find one of the rare and spectacular SR-71 Blackbirds, is open and free.


Did you know that crockpot and banana bread recipes are two of the most searched for posts on Pinterest?

Nothing says comfort food like banana bread. Enjoy it steaming out of the oven. Pack some slices as you head out the door on a busy day. Or knock out this recipe “Blue-ribbon Winning Banana Bread Recipe” ahead of time and freeze to have ready for the holidays. It’s also easy to take along for a potluck. Enter in a baked goods sale for charity. Even wrap some up as hostess or holiday gifts.

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If you are having trouble moving the needle to hit your dream goals, you might be interested in a little cheerleading from Connie Ragen Green during her Action Habits Challenge. “My goal is to share some simple yet effective insights into how you can achieve all of your goals and dreams,” says Connie.

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Find out how to prioritize your workload so you work on what delivers more of the results you seek by using an Effort to Impact Matrix.

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