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After a career in marketing, I felt passionate about helping others trying to find their way through the maze of different channels, methods and tools. It is constantly changing and we all could use a little help.

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I’m an author, instructor and networker eager to share what I know. While a lot of info is free on this site, my book and course are available on several different platforms.

My book, Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing, walks you through the steps a startup and/or entrepreneur can use to get marketing traction while obtaining results that continue to support additional promotion.

The book is available as a paperback, ebook (wherever you buy yours) and as a PDF in my Etsy shop.

My course: “How to Add Pay-for-Performance Affiliate Marketing to Your Mix” is available on demand until I teach it again this coming October 6. This course is offered by DMAnc, a former chapter of the Direct Marketing Association (absorbed into the American Marketing Association), as part of a digital marketing certification program.

Creating an Etsy store might seem odd for a marketer. I always thought of it as a great place to buy unique, handmade gifts. What I learned was really eye-opening and it made a lot of sense. Other marketers realized that those lead magnets they were giving away for free: those ebooks, checklists, planners and templates could be sold! Making money while they sleep!

When you search on “Marketing” on Etsy, a platform with 40 million users, mostly women who want to grow their businesses (over 80%), you’ll get over 70,000 results. Surprised? Yeah, me too.

There are lots of reasons to jump in and do this.

One: it’s cheap. It’ll cost you $.20 (yup, a lot less than a cup o’ joe) per listing for 4 months. They’ll take just 5% of your sales and another 3% if you use their credit card processing (plus a normal $.25/transaction).

Two: it’s a huge platform. Your listing descriptions will be searchable on Google and you’ll have global eyes on your wares.

Three: it’s easy. With a zipped PDF of your digital marketing materials, up to 10 images, maybe a short 15-second video and a description, you are LIVE! I recorded a 7-minute video of me loading all the assets for a listing (which is now a bonus part of a product in my Etsy store.)

Get some ideas for your new shop. Let me know when it’s live and I’ll favorite it and share with friends.

Let’s connect! I’d love to see what you are working on.