Stand Out with Handwritten Notes This Holiday

Spark Stronger Connections with Your Network

Image of person writing a handwritten thank you note

What do Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Taylor Swift have in common?

Answer: they value the art of sending handwritten cards to connections, employees and fans.

🎁 Give the gift of your personal notes this holiday season.

We get so little “snail” mail anymore that the average household receives just ten pieces of personal mail a year. Here’s your chance to engage and impress without the pitch. A nice bonus are the good feelings, both for sender and receiver, generated by writing messages of gratitude.

“Snail” mail’s high open rate

According to a USPS study, 77% of us sort through physical mail immediately. Surprisingly, 75% of Millennials say receiving personal mail makes them feel special with a greater, meaningful, emotional connection than emails or texts.

Take this opportunity to thank clients, check in to offer help, referrals, service and wish them a prosperous New Year. Handwritten notes aren’t for pitching services, but for heartfelt expressions meant to deepen relationships.

“The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions.” – John Hancock Click To Tweet

As a young girl, I was trained to write thank-you cards for presents and after social occasions. It has always been second nature for me to respond and reach out. Most of the companies I’ve worked for had special note cards in their collateral for thank yous; if they didn’t, I used my own. I’m always thrilled to get handwritten notes; it’s like getting a wonderful present.

🎉 Success of the handwritten touch

Tom Bilyeu built Quest Nutrition, growing by 57,000% in first 3 years to a $1B company by targeting health and fitness influencers with handwritten notes asking them to try and review his products.

Author and marketer Stu Heinecke makes a big impact with oversized cartoons to get 100% response rates (his prospects share cartoons with friends).

An ingrained good habit: examples of other companies

Required to use their downtime at work to write handwritten notes after customer visits, Nordstrom clerks then reported these activities to supervisors. That’s how seriously they take customer service; it’s intrinsic to the culture.

Aestheticians at a spa chain also followed up purchases with handwritten notes to ensure customers remembered how to use products and enjoyed them.

💡 Steps you can take personally

✍ Digital marketing expert Mari Smith, known as “The Queen of Facebook” and author of “The New Relationship Marketing,” (aff. link*) recommends routinely writing five handwritten notes a week to develop transformational relationships in your business and life.

🚀 Join my friend and author of the upcoming book, HEARTSPOKEN: How to write notes that connect, comfort, encourage and inspire, Elizabeth Cottrell’s Holiday Card & Note Writing Challenge that starts Monday, November 15. Join this weekend to get a head start and enjoy all of her neat ideas for note-writing as a bonus.

Image of handwritten holiday note
Join Elizabeth Cottrell’s Holiday Card & Note Writing Challenge and Impress Your Friends and Customers This Year

If you want to use some very special cards, check out the holiday collection from artist Meriah Kruse. Here’s one of my favorites….

Image of holiday card by artist Meriah Kruse
Artist Meriah Kruse offers several lovely cards – not your normal Hallmark greeting.

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