“Saving businesses and saving jobs” through strategic investing

Investor Marty Fahncke’s genius twist on a cure for revenue crunch

We’ve all heard horror stories of venture capital firms taking over companies in trouble to save them ~ with disastrous results: talent bolt for the doors, layoffs and miserable owners forced to give over control of their creation.

Marty Fahncke is definitely not one of those.

As a strategic investor, self-described Adventurist Marketer, Marty gravitates to offering resources and/or capital to restore and create much-needed new revenue streams. Saving businesses and savings jobs is his passion. He says it may take any combination of marketing strategies, investment strategies and/or merger and acquisition activities to craft a turnaround. Sometimes folks just need help to “get unstuck.”

“I create money out of thin air.”

–Marty Fahncke, Adverturist Marketer and Investor

Marty knows what he’s talking about – he has helped companies create and raise between $1 million and $175 million!

In his interview with investor Jon Stoddard on the Top M&A Entrepreneur’s podcast, Marty describes that his non-traditional approach to raising money is often more than just finding new ways to increase revenues; it also includes looking at how to improve profits by looking at efficiencies.

I’ve known Marty over 20 years, since the time we tried to coach our colleagues in the direct response television (DRTV) industry to embrace internet marketing. The excuse at the time was that they were all too busy to learn something new. (Marty and I knew from our DRTV experience that the early bird makes the most profit. But that’s another blog post.) So I know that Marty has a long track-record of prescience and wisdom.

Marty and I both share a concern that many companies fail to establish an exit strategy. I recommend starting with that notion at the get-go as it affects a lot of decisions. During business declines during Covid, Marty noticed that more owners were just ready to retire. Those companies turn to someone like Marty for solutions that work.

Often its Marty’s resources that contribute to a winning solution for everyone involved: the company, new partners Marty brings in and Marty’s team. Watch the video below as Frank Felker, host of Radio Free Enterprise podcast, urges Marty to tell the story of how he helped a beekeeping company. It’s a great story with a terrific win for a company that needed some money for a new truck and got a lot more.

Marty Fahncke shares how he helped turn around a beekeeping business (and much more) with Frank Felker, host of Radio Free Enterprise podcast.

Marty doesn’t take a majority share to run roughshod and strip a company of its assets. He prefers to keep management in place and make sure key staff get skin in the game too. Stakeholders have the right mindset for a stellar turnaround.

In Jon’s interview, catch what Marty says about the importance of networking.

“My connections have connections.”

–Marty Fahncke, Adventurist Marketer and Investor

I agree. As someone who owes every job (except my first one) and even the chance to meet my husband🤯, I totally know the power of relationship-building.

Marty specifically mentions how networking helped a bookkeeping company during his visit with Jon. Watch the video below for the case study and much more.

On his success, Marty says “Networking is the #1 source of deal flow [for me] without question.”

“Networking is the #1 source of deal flow [for me] without question.” –Marty Fahncke, Adventurist Marketer Click To Tweet

What’s #2? Podcast interviews! With every interview Marty see an increase in web traffic. After one interview, he got calls within two hours that netted three deals!

Check out the interviews; they are SO worth it. You’ll get over an hour of wisdom for free! Then find Marty on LinkedIn. He runs the Internet Affiliate Marketers Association (IAMA) group, now 15,000 strong.

Marty Fahncke tells Jon Stoddard how he helps companies regroup to thrive on the Top M&A Entrepreneur’s podcast.

What’s he doing now? After twelve deals in 1 year? “Having a ball helping people.”

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