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Image of Jan Carroza and Catharine O'Leary

Brainstorming On the Fly: Revenues and Conversions, Plus ChatGPT for Beginners, Jacking Up Your Publicity, Southwestern Hotel Design and a Nothing to Trifle About Dessert

Unlock free expert ideas for new revenues, faster conversions, and broader engagement. Explore ChatGPT for beginners and learn to jack up your publicity. Plus, don’t miss our Southwestern adventure and delightful sweet treat inspiration!

U.S. Navy Blue Angels

How to Turn Down a Job, Content “Cheat Code,” 50 Ways to Convert, Message Lifespans, Blue Angels and a Blue-Ribbon Banana Bread Recipe

Shortcuts to winning projects, relationships and social media strategy If you’re a remote worker traveling in an RV, Fort Pickens, where you could see the Blue Angels training, might be an attractive destination for...