Track images with inventory template

Increase productivity by tracking assets

Keeping a complete record of images used in marketing is good asset management. The explosion of content formats, environments, websites, networks and platforms prompts businesses to systematically categorize image and software assets.

BenefitsImage of words for various types of image content

Here are some important reasons to use an image asset inventory list:

  • Protect commercial interests
  • Adhere to licensing renewal deadlines
  • Facilitate expense reporting
  • Quickly find assets and links to repurpose, remove or renew

Failure to document images correctly or keep up with renewals may lead to unlawful use, copyright infringement and possible legal action. A thorough, consistently kept document trail can save grief while facilitating speedy retrieval.

A central location makes it easy to find sizes and formats by type, origination and attribution requirements, as well as track expenses. Maintaining an inventory list makes it easy to look up the original source and image for resizing, review previous uses of an asset, determine all locations of its current and past use, and track previous usage expenditures.

An excel sheet simplifies tasks to sort items by source, type or size, etc. Companies with a large volume of images and many users use digital asset management software. Protect corporate interests by addressing rights management issues. Ensure observation of copyright licenses belonging to original and acquired items as well as renewal dates.

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