Meet the Essential Janet Gervers, Web Strategist Thursday, May 20

Leading her happy clients from anguish to relief

image of web strategist Janet Gervers
Meet Janet Gervers live and online as she delivers “The Five Keys to Website Success” on Thursday, May 20 at noon.

Janet and I chatted recently about our shared frustration at what is perhaps the single fatal flaw of websites today: a lack of understanding and communication of the overarching theme of a what makes a business tick. Many small businesses need guidance to grasp the full picture of what their site can be for their business. That takes a pro like Janet to eke out unspoken dreams and to translate those efficiently through the design, technical and SEO talents of her digital branding expertise.

Meet the Essential Janet Gervers, Web Strategist Thursday, May 20 when she presents "The Five Keys to Your Website Success" live online. Click To Tweet

Janet’s going to present her “The Five Keys to Your Website Success” live and online at noon, Thursday, May 20 to the South Bay Chapter of WIN Networking, a Los Angeles networking group. Janet packs her 25 years of web work into her sessions to cover her five-point process to create sites where users, business and technology are successful, the definition of web strategy.

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“Jagmedia took a nearly dead website with a minimal online presence and brought it into the 21st century. Together [we] co-created a website that has life. People visit, schedule appointments, talk to doctors…watch videos, are educated.”

Glowing customer testimonials tell of the unbelievable results of her complete solution to remodel the web pillars of her clients’ companies, their web sites. Grab your seat to catch a little wisdom now.

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