Improve business innovation with mind mapping

Take brainstorming to a new level

Mind mapping opens up limitless possibilities to detail steps required to accomplish a goal that can culminate in thoroughly vetted plans of action. Pictures facilitate individuals and groups to explore notions in greater detail, identify missing parts and take concepts further. Here are just a few ways that visualizing concepts helps businesses:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Develop business plans
  • Manage projects
  • Create organization charts and presentations
  • Outline books and speeches
  • Diagram processes from web site navigation to software and manufacturing
  • Plan trade shows
  • Conduct meetings

Mind mapping software provides a method to illustrate ideas beyond the limits of a physical setting to a collaborative atmosphere either in a private room or shared online.

Every department can benefit from activities to define, relate and prioritize elements of a process from operations, C-level strategy, sales, marketing to human resources.

Running meetings often may seem like herding cats. A visual representation of an outline can help a team maintain focus, inspire creativity and improve outcomes. Marketers can use mind mapping to create wonderful, exciting content that drives concepts home with infographics and presentations. Researchers can graphically represent progress and document sources. Maps can be collapsed to introduce and summarize or expand to develop, examine and rearrange elements.

Apart from charting sequences with words, mind mapping software allows capabilities to include attachments, images, videos and graphically present information in colorful, appealing ways that lock in memorable concepts. Mind maps can be downloaded and/or saved to document the brainstorming session, assign and implement next steps, subsequently refresh the memories of attendees and share with others.

Below is an example of a mind map in its simplest form. Click on connections to collapse or expand.

6 Reasons to Mind Map by Jan Carroza

Dan Taylor shows creativity with a neat mind map about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Use this link to check out a live mind map and click on connections to collapse and expand various parts.


Try mind mapping for free at Mindmeister. While I do receive a referral fee for sales through this link, this is a service I use and would recommend to any client.



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