Fight Procrastination Day ~ Every Day

OK, I know Fight Procrastination Day was September 6. And I’m just getting around to acknowledging it. Think I have a problem?

I am not alone. Maxine said she would celebrate tomorrow.

Yep, I’ve been struggling with it for decades and commiserate with a whole cadre of friends (many writers) with the same ailment. I did something different this year and one month into it, I think I have got my solution.

Bullet Journaling.

For someone who prides herself on being first to adopt new marketing strategies, I am very late to the BuJo craze, as it’s called. I had been noodling on my affliction months ago when I didn’t feel like I was being productive. When I stumbled on Ryder Carroll’s book The Bullet Journal Method, I thought it would make a great present. But I read the book myself over Labor Day weekend and the format finally soaked in.

What I had had trouble with when I first heard about the process was using a physical book, which I wanted to get away from. So enter today’s note-taking apps: Google Keep, Evernote, Apple Notes and OneNote. Any of these create a great way for organizing collections of notes, drawings, audio recordings and screenshots. You can share and collaborate with selections and sync between devices.

Screenshot of note-taking app illustrating bullet journaling

I like it.

I can see that this will help with my (failing) memory as well as to help me look over the last days or month. And then I won’t feel so bad.

It’s working.

I’ve knocked out notes for nearly each day of the last month. I’ve learned that it’s a great way to create additional notebooks for individual projects which is just neat.

So, I’m happy. I can see progress. Life is good.

I’m far from cured. But I will accept I am a work in progress. I can live with that.

Find The Bullet Journal Method here in my list of favorites. Note: if you purchase through this link, I may receive compensation. If you do, I hope this book will help you find your perfect method to Fight Procrastination every day. BTW, if you don’t already have a charity assigned to your Amazon purchases, it’s no charge to you when Amazon donates to your favorite cause when you purchase through

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