Traveling? Tell a Story in a Custom Google Map

Pin favorite spots to picture the experiences

Traveling? Tell a story with pins in a custom Google Map. Put several points of your visit, such as hotels, attractions, restaurants and museums on a Google Map. Create visual content for free!

1️⃣ You can do it with a spreadsheet. The one above has fields for Description, Category, Street, City, State, Link, Longitude and Latitude. Use Description to say the name of the place.

2️⃣ Go to Google My Maps, which is different from Google Maps, to upload your list. Choose Your Places/Maps. Then select Create Map.

3️⃣ Title your map, import a CSV or XLSX file. Choose the field to sort by; in this case it is Category, such as Beach, Hiking, Tours & Education, etc.

4️⃣ In the upper right-hand corner, choose the 3 dots and select Embed on my site. Grab that code and enter on your WordPress site with the Custom HTML from Widgets.

Get creative with other ways to use this method. You can plan a trip. Here’s a link to a map of Homesless Resources in the San Francisco area.

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Enjoy adding a no-cost picture to help tell 1,000 words, engaging your audience with a visualization of your trip and experiences.


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