Enrich your life: Be “Open to Receive”

Profit from an Open Mind

While I’m convinced that hard work plays the largest part of success, I also allow for a concept – call it destiny  – to help explain good fortune. However, I don’t believe that events are strictly left to fate. Having the willingness to listen and an active imagination eager to learn new things yields tremendous benefits both personally and professionally. I call this presence of mind as being “open to receive.”

“An artist’s duty is rather to stay open-minded and in a state where he can receive information and inspiration. You always have to be ready for that artistic Epiphany.”

–Nick Cave

I’m not alone. Frank Zappa, the Dalai Lama and others are in agreement.

“A mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open.”

–Frank Zappa

Receptiveness creates good fortune on many levels. To make my point, I have three examples of how this spirit intensifies life.

  1. Building a network and maintaining those relationships pays off in many ways: finding jobs, employees and other meaningful connections as well as enhancing reputation. 

A simple question from a former client in my network about the capability to purchase infomercial media time lead to a ground-breaking and an extremely profitable line of business for me. Willingness to listen to a problem and identify a new trend allowed our clients to earn revenue returns of 15:1, where every dollar invested in media yielded $15 in profit. Today, earning 2:1 is considered good enough to continue a marketing program. Being “open to receive” a new concept and act on it quickly created an incredible business opportunity early on when profits for my company and my clients were extraordinary.

2. Keeping up with trends in business creates new opportunities.

I’ve always said that “talk is cheap.” Many times when I wasn’t looking for a new job, someone in my network mentioned an opening that might be interesting. Being open to a discussion about the challenges and opportunities of an assignment steered me into some incredible positions for growth and better compensation.

3. Personally, openness to meeting new people and learning new things elevates, expands and deepens life experience.

On a personal level, willingness to start conversations with strangers and try new things reaps incredible rewards in new memorable experiences and lifelong friendships.

By nurturing my network, what a friend calls “watering the garden,” I enjoy deep, enduring relationships with business contacts that share the same work ethic, values and experiences. Many have become good friends that I see quite often. All are resources for asking questions when I’m stumped, learning new things, panel participation, article and project development as well as expanding my network.

I’m delighted to be a resource for my contacts as well (see “Do You Have a Question About Marketing or Privacy?”). Creating “karma” by paying it forward often yields more opportunities. It can mean letting others know about job opportunities, sharing an expert vendor, providing a reference, or mentoring.

Tune in and listen. Look for moments when you might be busy or distracted when little opportunities pop up that might be worth some musing. A little time invested in a conversation can be life-changing.


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