Etsy’s Platform Turns Lead Magnets to Income Gold

Marketers reap passive income from digital download products

Etsy is a wonderful place for unique and handmade gifts, so who would have thought it would be a terrific place to find and sell marketing ebooks, checklists and templates?

All the products that many marketers create to give away to new email subscribers can be turned into passive income products.  Click To Tweet

With a base of 40 million users, mostly women who are eager to grow their businesses, Etsy offers a huge selling platform. A search for the keyword “marketing” yields over 70,000 results. Surprised? “Marketing templates” gets 50,000. Just imagine the great reception for your ideas for planners, calendars, ebooks.

Take some time to explore Etsy for the kinds of materials you create and see for yourself. These “printables” are simply the files you are already saved in the PDF format and zip-compressed. You might want to create them in A4 and A5 formats too because Etsy is a global marketplace with international buyers.

I created a store for my marketing products, but quickly realized that the video tutorials were a little lacking. But with a little search on YouTube and within the Etsy community, I found answers to streamline my efforts to create informative, searchable listings with benefits, images and even video. Yes, you heard me, searchable, because Etsy listings show up in Google search results when you put keywords in your Shop and Product Listings and Product tags.

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You may have created or considered offering your own merchandise made with your logos and other graphic assets and phrases. Choose from one of many manufacturers that integrate their services with Etsy, so all you have to do is submit your graphic, choose a product, say a t-shirt, with the colors and sizes you want to offer. The manufacturer does the rest. They collect and process payments, make and ship products, handle customer service and pay you the profit that you chose to make.

Check out my Etsy shop: Fair Winds Collection to get some inspiration. I’ve got a few print-on-demand products as well as marketing offers to get some ideas.

Get all my Etsy tips and shortcuts to:

✧ Create your digital printable product listings

✧ Create your print-on-demand product listings

✧ Max out your description with all the bells and whistles to best convert visitors

✧ Integrate your print-on-demand partners

What you’ll learn right away, including tips that took me some time to discover:
✿ How to get found quickly in Google and Etsy search results
✿ Tips to take advantage of all the capabilities in your shop to inform your visitors
✿ Special tips for unique video creations with your digital products
✿ Best image sizes
✿ My exclusive, curated list of print-on-demand partners with integrations to Etsy
✿ Secrets learned from the Etsy Community

You’ll get:

✧ 5 Checklists

✧ 3 Templates

✧ 1 Presentation Deck and Video, and

✧ 1 Set of Symbols compatible with Etsy

If you like what you see, I hope you will favorite my shop or its products.

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