Find an Easy, Free Photo Editing App

💟 I love Adobe Photoshop Express, a free photo editing tool, that helps me not only improve my shots, but crop them into shapes for most any social media.

image of vintage vehicles in Lowell, AZ
Use AP Express features to correct imperfections, enhance a mood and crop for repurposing on social media platforms.

My favorite features?

📷 Sharpen

📸 Exposure

🤳 Clarity

☀ Reduce Luminance

✂ Crop

I did a little video to show how quickly I can format one for a Medium post. This can be handy for that quick YouTube thumbnail you need.

Formats to choose from:

            ⛵Free size


            ⛵FB Profile

            ⛵FB Profile Cover

            ⛵Facebook Ad


            ⛵Twitter Post

            ⛵Twitter Header


            ⛵LinkedIn background

            ⛵Etsy Cover


            ⛵YouTube thumbnail

            ⛵YouTube Channel Art


🌈But wait, there’s more:

            6×4, 4×6, 7×5, 5×7, 4×3, 3×4, 10×8, 8×10, 16×9, 3×1, 1×2, 5×3, 3×5

My final Medium shot below:

Image of photo edited for Medium publication
Shot ready for Medium post in seconds

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