Content Creation, Making Lace in Prison, Decluttering, Freebies, and a Family Recipe for Baked Beans

Entrepreneurship: dinner on, content creation cooking & cleaning up and fun

Kingfisher on a log in Puget Sound
The kingfisher on the log in the inset floats in the middle of Puget Sound

Here’s my latest collection of intriguing business and marketing ideas, free tools, interesting places and delicious recipes I want to share with you.

This image of a kingfisher on a log is an example of a content in the making. Sometimes you have to observe life closely for inspiration story ideas. You can see the bird is just floating along with the tide and remained even as the tide changed.

Sometimes entrepreneurs have a lot on the burners: Zoom classes play while dinner, cleaning house and content all simmer, all seasoned with just a little fun. Click To Tweet

Content creation is on my mind.

Consistency is so important to marketing success. I struggled to create a “rhythm” (🎩h/t to Kim Doyal for putting a name to my problem) and described my process to solve it in “Find Your Content Creation and Posting Rhythm“. You might be surprised to see what helped.

Curations That I Find Interesting and You Might Too

💡 41% of prospects need see 3-5 pieces of content before taking action

If you’ve been wondering why you aren’t getting the traction you want, don’t get discouraged. Your buyers may just need to see more from you. Or maybe they need to see different content. Learn what appeals the most here.

💡 It Takes 2 Years for a Blog Post to Obtain 99% of Its Impressions

How long do you think your social media posts last? Guess how long it takes for a post in different channels (think Twitter) to be seen by 50% of its lifetime of impressions? (Hint: minutes.) See the results here.

💡 Thinking About Writing a Newsletter or Writing a Better One?

Read “How to Write a Great Newsletter” with a bent to creating a newsletter for a Medium Publication that you might start. You do get the email addresses for your Medium subscribers. Note: Twitter newsletters also give you email addresses, but LinkedIn’s newsletter format does not. Ownership is important.

3 Key Content Considerations to Boost Conversion

It occurred to me that web visitors who scan content weren’t sticking around for the calls to action. That led to a post that considered ways to think about content to improve conversions. See what you think…

Having Trouble Coming Up with Content Ideas?

Inspired by Matthew Dick’s “Storyworthy” book where he suggests content creation is as simple as taking five minutes a day to consider the story of the day. I’ve created a template to record those ideas with some writing prompts and ways to reflect on which ones get developed at what time. Learn more about “What Was the Story of the Day? Content Creation: 365 Story Ideas in 5 Minutes a Day.”


Digital marketing guru Kim Doyal started as a WordPress expert who now teaches email marketing, but generously created a free content creation course. Even pros can benefit from her instruction here.

A Penchant for Museums

Museums are full of stories. Delicate lace in Yuma’s prison museum, made in his spare time by a male inmate, sentenced to life for murder, when he wasn’t breaking rocks. See photos here.

Favorite Recipe

Crock pot recipes are one of the most popular searches on Pinterest. This Baked Bean recipe is a family recipe, part of the legacy that good cooks leave behind. It’s super easy, although to make from scratch, start with a few minutes the night before. Great for big parties and potlucks. Find this recipe and more here. If you have a popular family recipe, hit reply and please share it with me. I’d love to see your treasures.

Shout Out

If you feel overwhelmed by clutter, professional organizer JoAnn Krall offers free 7 Steps to Get Your Paper & Digital Files Under Control.

For Fun

Creating stunning cinemagraphs, thumb-stopping combinations of still shots and video in PowerPoint (I know, right?) [Tutorial] in “How to Make Animated GIFs.”

Next Time

I’ve noticed that folks marketing their passions, businesses to nonprofit charities, aren’t using press releases or pursuing publicity as an arrow in their marketing quiver. I’ll dive into the ways these efforts help.

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