Plagued by Procrastination and Bad Decisions?

Hone your intuition to balance logic

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Where does that split-section reaction to stretch out your arm in front of your passenger when you brake suddenly for an animal come from? It’s innate, right? That’s your unconscious that made that decision. Quick, wasn’t it? No pro or con discussion there.

It’s not a woo-woo kind of thing at all, but frequently it is impossible to explain the feelings. You know what I’m talking about – that gut feeling or hunch. I’ve come to realize that there really are a lot of unconscious little clues that inform our choices. They might seem vague, like dreams, but they are seated in our previous experience and knowledge.

Trusting my gut – intuition – has helped me make some great decisions in my life. Important decisions: hiring, choosing friends, places to live or work. But did you know you could develop the ability, balance it with logic, reduce needless options to get to the goal more quickly?

Did you know you could develop your intuition, balance it with logic, reduce needless options to get to your goals more quickly? Click To Tweet
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Recently, grabbing my free copy of Ronda Renée’s ( 4 Ways to Unlock Your Intuition* inspired me to share it so others might cultivate the talent and skill to identify and initiate more efficient actions. Her guide made me realize several things…

Obsession with the past or future on decision-making

Ronda points out that conscious review of the past or worry about the future may block us from noticing our natural instincts. That was eye-opening; I realized how true it was.

Paralysis of indecision = procrastination

Reduce the noise of extraneous chatter of long mental lists of pros and cons. Wow – anything to help stop procrastination.

Reliance on conscious conditioning because it’s logical

Learn to edit the distractions and look for simple patterns.

Whether connecting with your intuition is new for you, or you’ve been tuning in for a while, Ronda’s simple tried-and-true techniques will allow you to trust yourself more in everyday life, in work, and in your relationships.

If you need a little help unlocking your intuition, grab my friend Ronda Renée’s free guide to strengthen your inner guidance system.

Get Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink to learn how to cultivate your intuition

This exercise to write about Ronda’s free guide led me to re-read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, an enjoyable rabbit hole. Gladwell suggests we may be too focused on the mechanics to see the whole picture.

Delve into the extensive research Gladwell has done on the topic: from firefighters, nurses, and basketball to birding and military exercises. As always, his writing is compelling. Click on the image to read more (aff. link). I’ve also added Blink to my list of favorite Business books on Amazon. (While this is an affiliate link, it will not cost you more to click through it, however, I may receive a spiff should you make a purchase.)

Nurture your intuition and see how you make smarter decisions faster. Let me know how it goes.

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*While this is an affiliate link, the guide remains free to you.


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